For Anna, creating art has always been a way to comunicating emotional intensity without words. Growing up, Anna found her self reading books on Art Chronika’s, Christies and Sotheby’s. At the tender age of seven she developed a keen interest in playing with colours and brushes. With counsel and support from her mother Anna  specialised in Seascapes, Nature and Wildlife Paintings.

She was deeply inspired by the works of Ivan Aivazovsky’s especially the blue green waves of the black sea, the bright pink sun-sets of the Bosporus strait, the grey fog over the Gulf of Finland. Mesmerised by his work she she shares,“ He was a master of childish delight , a simple-hearted Slavic. His nature ever inclined towards teenage dreams.”

Thus retaining inspiration from Ivans work,  Anna sumptuously captures the organic beauty of the natural world. Her intrinsic belief in the real beauty of nature is directly casted upon her canvas, each leaf, each ripple is painted with intense observation and accuracy which is rarely seen in modern landscape paintings.

Anna’s works have won many high ranking awards and are found in private collections. They have also been featured and published in The Times of India, Bombay Times, Free Press Journal and numerous other publications.While photographing Anna spent time out in the open, studying the versatile and variant forms of the sky and clouds minute by minute.

Bollywood Actress Mahima Chaudhry, an admirer of Anna Judy's Artwork. - World Trade Centre Bombay
Anna's masterpiece being appreciated by Mr. Prithvi Soni, one of India's renowned artist - Taj Mahal Palace

A peep into Anna’s Achievements


  • Anna Judy was awarded by the Government of Maharashtra held by the art committee of Mumbai 2007.
  • Also by the Ambassador sky Chef Mumbai – 1999.
  • Wild Life Heritage Workshop Organised by the Tellus Art Sweden – In Association with the Museum – 2010.


  • Gitanjali Art Gallery Panjim Goa 2011
  • Moksa Art Gallery in Delhi 2013
  • Triveni Art Gallery Delhi 2013
  • Colour Show in Association with Prince of Wales Museum (CMVS) 2014
  • Colour Show Exhibition at the Prince of Wales of Museum (CMVS) 2015
  • Indian Art Festival Nehru Centre Mumbai – 2016
  • Taj Art Gallery Mumbai March 2017
  • Colours Show Prince of Wales Museum June 2017
  • Global Art Fair Mumbai, World Trade Centre December 2017
  • World Art Dubai Exhibition Dubai World Trade Centre April 2018.